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Features of HT

Issue Time of HT:2018-01-24

Issue Rules of HT: A limited total supply of 500 million, issued by Huobi Group. 60% (300 million) HTs are given away for free as a benefit for the purchase of “point cards”. The giveaway is completed now. 20% (100 million) HTs are reserved for user rewards and platform operation; 20% (100 million) HTs are reserved as team incentive subject to a 4-year vesting schedule.

HT Governance Rule: Community voting

100 MHT

User rewards Platform operation

300 MHT

Gifted By Point Card

100 MHT

Team incentive

HT is the core of Huobi Ecology and it can be used inside Huobi as well as the multiple scenarios of Huobi ecosystem. HT supports Huobi Global business and all products, such as deposit of certified merchant, HT exclusive events, digital asset exchange, Huobi Cloud business, and the valuable promotion brought by sustained repurchase and destruction.

Sustained value promotion

Deposit of project team

HT payment for multiple scenarios

Price trend


Burning information

According to the Huobi Token (HT) destruction plan, the destruction leads to the reduction of the market volume, thus forming a deflation model, which is conducive to further promoting the value of HT. The follow-up risk accident will be borne by the platform risk guarantee fund, no longer by the investor protection fund, continue to realize the comprehensive protection of user rights and interests. In addition, the employee incentive part will be destroyed according to the vote result of Q3 in 2019 and will not flow into the secondary market. In conclusion, under the new HT rules, there will be no new circulation to unlock HT and HT will enter a new stage of absolute deflation.

Burn Details

Burn TimeCategoryBurn PeriodBurn QuantityBurn Address
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HT upgraded to ECO token of Huobi Chain

Huobi Chain test network was officially launched on February 29, 2020. Huobi Chain is an independent innovation oriented regulatory blockchain operating system in the financial field and the infrastructure of global asset digitalization and financial market based on blockchain.

Huobi Chain is the first public chain in the world to provide chain compliance and regulatory framework, comprehensively and deeply support compliance and regulatory, and is the next generation of smart contract platform with high performance, scalability and interoperability. HT will also be upgraded to the ECO token of Huobi Chain. In this way, we will continue to optimize the incentive mechanism, build a prosperous ecosystem through community distributed collaboration, and further promote the development of global business and ecological growth of Huobi Group.